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The travel company forged a single trip ticket back to the post – consumer review Beijing case: October 28, 2014, consumers Zhang spent 1700 yuan in Shanghai, a tourism consulting company ordered 3 tickets, including 2 adult tickets, 1 child tickets. At that time, the travel company issued a "air transport e-ticket itinerary" (hereinafter referred to as itinerary), indicating that the adult ticket price of 600 yuan, children’s ticket price of $500. Seize the day, Ms. Zhang found on the boarding pass, adult ticket price is only 479 yuan, children’s ticket price is only $369. After the event, Ms. Zhang and travel company representations, not properly resolved. Finally, after the city administration of industry and Commerce Bureau and the Consumer Protection Commission intervention airport airport office, consumers get a satisfied result, the case is one of Shanghai city in 2015 ten consumer rights cases. The investigation, Ms. Zhang in the tour company bought in October 29, 2014 Shanghai to Harbin Spring Airlines ticket 3, and issue a single trip ticket. In the absence of consumer awareness, the travel company provides 3 forged ticket itinerary, marked the price of a total of 1700 yuan, Ms. Zhang was paid. After the identification of the actual price of 3 tickets for the purchase of a ticket for a total of $1327, the illegal profit of $373. After the city Consumer Protection Committee, the tourism company to refund the difference and make a corresponding compensation. Comments: the rights Consumer Protection Commission airport office believes that the travel company as a ticket sales agent company to make a profit, the real price to conceal the ticket, in the case of unwitting consumers, forged a single trip ticket. From its subjectivity, knowing not the regular flight travel company issued a single trip ticket, still provide a single trip ticket fake consumer fraud, profit, subjective intent is obvious; from its objectivity, the behavior of travel companies to consumers caused the loss, infringement of the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Based on the "announcement of the Standing Committee of Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress" (No. nineteenth), by November 20, 2014 fourteenth Shanghai Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee of the sixteenth meeting of the "on the revision of the" Shanghai Consumer Protection Ordinance "decision, the revised" Shanghai Consumer Protection Ordinance "was officially implemented in March 15, 2015. In the case of the tourism companies to hide the real price, provide illegal ticket forgery of a single trip occurred in October 28, 2014, the revised "Shanghai Consumer Protection Ordinance" has not yet been performed, its violation of the "Shanghai Consumer Protection Ordinance" (release date October 29, 2002) twenty-second of the operators to provide goods or services no, yijiachongzhen, prices, sales of goods, such as adulteration false price fraud, damage the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. The term "fraud" as mentioned in the preceding paragraph refers to the act of intentionally informing the consumer of the false situation or intentionally concealing the true situation and inducing the consumer to make a mistake." The provisions of this.相关的主题文章: