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Arts-and-Entertainment Do you know why V2 cigs have ruled the roost? Do you also know why V2 cig is considered as a cheap electronic cigarette with a difference? While of course, you cannot hope to get a free electronic cigarette here as that would be too much to ask for, the fact remains that this brand of E Cigarettes has a few unique features that make it one of the most sought after E Cig brand in the market today. So, what does V2 cig has to offer? # First of all, V2 has the thickest vapor which all chain smokers would eagerly acknowledge. The vapor is .pletely odorless and hence, it does not stain your clothes, nor does it leave a foul smell in your mouth. What you smoke using an E Cigarette is nicotine which is vaporized the instant you ignite it using an atomizer. So, this is the cleanest way of enjoying a thrilling smoke. # Secondly, when you smoke this cheap electronic cigarette with a difference, you can be rest assured of being spared from the perils of smoke, tar as well as harmful carbon monoxide. When you ignite the e-liquid present in V2 cig, you simply activate the nicotine content which in turn transforms into harmless water vapor. So, neither you nor the environment is infected with smoke which harbors several deadly chemicals. # When you read V2 cigs review, you would realize that harmful carcinogens are .pletely removed from the scene. As there is no smoke involved, no toxic chemicals are released into the atmosphere. On the other hand, when you smoke tobacco laden cigarettes, you unleash hundreds of toxic chemicals in the atmosphere and inhale the same amount yourself. # Considered cheap electronic cigarettes, when you smoke V2, you would be spending a fraction of the cost you spend while smoking tobacco filled cigarettes. In a single cartridge, you can puff more than two to three hundred times without bothering to opt for a refill. So, it is massive money saving on your part. # Last but not the least, V2 cigs review always mentions the wide variety of strengths as well as flavors that you can enjoy smoking this E Cigarette. You can choose from coffee, menthol and peppermint and several other flavors to satisfy your taste buds and also keep a check on the nicotine strength. You have an option of choosing a V2 E Cig which contains no nicotine to another variety which contains 18mgs of nicotine. The final choice is always in your own hands. Now you must be aware why V2 Cigs are known as affordable electronic cigarettes with a difference! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: