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Wanda billion wealth China regression stir top foundation share "King’s Feast" Xu Shuai gaming, e-commerce, network broadcast…… National husband Wang Sicong in the field of Internet play fast. But in his father Wang Jianlin’s eyes, these are only minor — right now, Wang Jianlin is planning a big sale, the scale is big, fancy investment to Wang Sicong’s "rolling minutes". – Wang Jianlin (source: Oriental IC) the super big business is Wanda Commercial (03699, HK) privatization. Daily economic news (micro signal: nbdnews) reporter previously reported that if the return of A shares, the overall valuation of Wanda business compared to Hong Kong stocks worth at least 180 billion yuan. The biggest beneficiaries of the return of A shares more than Wang Jianlin, as well as to help him achieve Wanda Commercial Hong Kong stocks privatization consortium. In order to meet the "King" the return of A shares, investors have thousands on thousands of action, looking for opportunities for speculation, and Wanda privatization detached or even only gossip A shares, the stock already jiquanshengtian. A shares off the feast of the king in August 15th, Wanda business held a general meeting of shareholders, the meeting examined and adopted the motion of the Hong Kong stock delisting. The next day Wanda Commercial announcements, the last date of Hong Kong stocks on the Hongkong stock exchange trading will be September 13, 2016, September 20th from 16 PM from stock exchange delisting. This means that now Wanda business from the end of the H shares delisting time has been less than a month. Wanda Commercial privatization review: March 30, 2016, Wanda Commercial announcement, the controlling shareholder of Wanda Group is considered to be preliminary privatization; in May 30th, combined with the offeror voluntary conditional offer a comprehensive announcement, the acquisition price of HK $52.8 to determine that the privatization transaction price was 34 billion 450 million yuan; in June 27th, launched a comprehensive offer of privatization; June 28th, Wanda the introduction of a new consortium of investors; in August 15th, held a provisional shareholders meeting to consider the Hongkong stock exchange to withdraw the special resolution H-share listed case; September 13th, H shares last trading time; at 16 pm on September 20th, officially delisted from the exchange. According to Wanda Commercial previously announced, after the completion of H shares privatization, Wanda business has been possible to issue A shares to the China Securities Regulatory Commission to apply for, and will continue to consider the opportunity of A shares listed on H shares delisting. According to the previous Wanda privatization project plans to complete the book shows, Wanda Commercial Market in August 31, 2018. Recently, Wang Jianlin said in an interview with Reuters, Wanda business return A shares have two ways: first, the backdoor listing, the two is a direct IPO, the former requires more than 1 years, while the latter takes about 2 years ~3. Although the path listed Wanda Commercial Concrete and time were not identified, but the A shares already opened the "King’s Feast", and the main Fengeng feast, is involved in the privatization of the investors and Wanda A shares related. For example, the emperor’s group (002329, SZ) 8 trading days recently jumped more than 50% companies involved in a clear announcement of privatization and Wanda Wanda; privatization scandal shanshangufen (6;相关的主题文章: