Wenzhou Bank of China wealth management total amount of financial assets of customers over 30 billio-googims

Wenzhou bank wealth management clients in the total financial assets of over 30 billion yuan – Beijing, Beijing, Wenzhou, September 13, (Yang Qing) as the forefront of reform and opening up, the rapid growth of Zhejiang economy in Wenzhou for many years, gave birth to a large number of billionaires, it also spawned Chinese bank branch in Wenzhou City, the high-end customers in the financial management business development as key. By the end of 7, the Bank of China Wenzhou branch of the financial assets of more than 2 million yuan, wealth management rank customers exceeded 8000, the management of financial assets total breakthrough of 30 billion yuan. According to the Bank of China Wenzhou branch responsible person, Chinese bank is a pioneer in the field of wealth management, as early as 2008 on the establishment of the system of Bank of China in Wenzhou, the first batch of the first local wealth management center, three wealth management system, the original 1+N, the private bank secretarial services to high net worth customers. After eight years of development, the rising of private banking value-added service brand, regularly launch various kinds of "silver sixiangjia Hui theme, through the integration of advantageous resources, strengthen the overall service capacity of private banks. At the same time, pay attention to education of children in private banking customers, launched the "silver sixiangjia? Hui elite" platform, carry out "the United Nations during the annual summer vacation: advanced culture ability China youth international affairs program; relying on the advantages of globalization China bank provide cross-border linkage for customer service, in order to increase the value of wealth, smooth transmission and other high-end customers and entrepreneurs are most concerned about the issue, launched the" fortune global navigation plan, provide solutions covering family trusts, investment immigration, financial investment and real estate investment package. In addition, the bank also launched rolling wealth exclusive private line customers customized financial products, set up exclusive integration platform, including health care, overseas travel, the airport train station lounge, delicacy entertainment, life service, education and training, hotel accommodation, high-end gifts, magazine reading all kinds of intimate distinguished value-added services, more enjoy Beijing 301 Hospital expert remote medical consultation service, develop professional treatment. The Hurun Report and Taikang Life in Hangzhou "issued at the beginning of the 2015 China high net worth crowd of medical support in Hangzhou White Paper", as the representative of the city, Wenzhou Zhejiang, net worth of over 10 million Regal has about 14 million people in the country accounted for 12.07%, ranked No. 4. (end)

温州中行财富管理客户金融资产总额超300亿元-中新网   中新网温州9月13日电(杨青)作为改革开放的前沿,浙江温州经济多年来的高速增长,催生了大批富豪,这也催生了中国银行温州市分行把中高端客户的财务管理业务作为发展重点。截至7月末,中国银行温州市分行金融资产200万元以上财富管理等级客户户数突破8000名,管理金融资产规模总计突破300亿元。   据中行温州分行负责人介绍,中国银行是国内财富管理领域的先驱者,早在2008年就成立了中行系统内首批、温州当地首家财富管理中心,其独创的三级财富管理体系、1+N、私人银行秘书服务得到了高净值客户的好评。经过八年发展,该行不断提升私人银行增值服务品牌,不定期推出各类“中银私享荟”主题活动,通过优势资源整合,强化私人银行整体服务能力。同时,关注私人银行客户子女教育,推出“中银私享?精英荟”平台,在每年的暑假期间开展“联合国:中国青年国际事务能力高级培养计划”;依托中国银行全球化优势为客户提供联动跨境服务,针对如何保值增值、财富顺利传承等中高端客户和企业家最关心问题,推出“全球财富导航计划”,提供涵盖家族信托、移民投资、地产投资金融投资等一揽子的解决方案。   此外,该行还滚动推出财富私行客户专享的定制理财产品,搭建尊享积分平台,形成包括健康医疗、海内外旅游、机场动车站贵宾厅、美食娱乐、生活服务、教育培训、酒店住宿、高端杂志赠阅等在内的各类贴心尊贵的增值服务,更可享受到北京301医院专家远程医疗咨询服务,制定专业诊疗方案。   胡润百富与泰康人寿年初在浙江杭州发布的《2015中国高净值人群医养白皮书》显示,以杭州、温州为代表城市的浙江,身家超千万的富豪已有约14万人,在全国占比达到12.07%,位居第四。(完)相关的主题文章: