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Business West Palm Beach Chiropractors. "Crack my back." WHY GET ADJUSTED? WHAT IS A CHIROPRACTIC ADJUSTMENT? What is a chiropractic adjustment? There is a lot of confusion as to what a chiropractic adjustment is. Many patients refer to the chiropractic adjustment as “cracking the back”. In fact, the chiropractic adjustment is much more complex than just cracking the back. I administer a chiropractic adjustment in order to restore joint motion. As a chiropractor, I am trained to find joints that have become restricted as a result of various circumstances. Whether it be as a result of sleeping in the wrong position or the consequence of being involved in an automobile accident, I will find the area(s) that are not moving properly and restore motion. The way I do this is by placing the patient in a certain position and then utilizing my hands and skill to deliver the chiropractic adjustment. This, in turn, will free up the joint and put us on track to fixing the problem. At the same time that I perform the adjustment, you will probably hear a cracking sound; thus, the term “cracking the back” was born. Although your objective may be to simply get out of pain, my objective is to restore joint motion. If I am successful in achieving my objective then your objective will also be achieved. In my West Palm Beach practice I deal with many people who are in pain. Whether it be from an auto accident, slip & fall or etc., it is important that they understand that “pain” is a symptom to a problem. Although I may administer various therapies that help alleviate pain & discomfort, my overall objective is to address the problem. If I correct the problem, the pain/symptom will go away. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: