When Obama have military service, that is not her sister, just terrible ah shishangqiyi

When Obama have military service, that is not her sister, just terrible ah article reprinted from the media public number: unusual cloakroom (ID:chicgoo) recently, we took a Korean version of "veteran", height 184cm, eight body ratio, long legs, big chest…… Zombies together with seemingly the ornamental and the combined plain properties, full force. Well, guess who he is! Kong Liu, the older the more charming handsome uncle, officially become our new love. Maybe you will say, you first glance the new husband was not handsome to shaking heaven and earth! Oh, it can only say you’re too shallow, we can capture the hearts and minds of men, which can look at the face, picky like us, but the face depends on the legs, legs but also in addition to the chest, in addition to chest depends on temperament! Husband is not so good when. If one day the rare butter is a zombie kill, as long as Uncle Kong Liu to save, this is like this in my arms, one year, oh no, three years can not buy bags. Kong Liu, a walking clothes rack, vividly explains what is "thin clothing, strip meat." Kong Liu served two years at the front. Before the military service, he played the "coffee prince shop", "biscuit teacher Star Candy" this kind of idol theme. During the military service and after the war, Kong Liu strongly contributed to the melting furnace, which caused the reflection of the whole society of South Korea, the phenomenon of film. Now the "Busan line" is the reputation of the box office double harvest. For such an appearance clearance, acting online, there are ideas of the depth of the male god, how can we do not love. Of course, male god is not a day of practice. Kong Liu is such a green army before appearance, is only a boy next door. Or at any time with a woman to death from the idol drama actor. Now, after serving in the army. He became a charming uncle yuppie. There is such a watch but is low-key, let you move not to open eyes big legs obama. And this leg look good, even the legs are very beautiful and sexy male god. This can be serious, the yuppie, back home burglary, into the fight can withstand suit against singled out, stand the test of half naked handsome uncle, who can not love? Well, handsome and connotation of the husband is also more than Kong Liu, a lot of military service to take the husband are great! With long legs is former model In-Sung Zo, military service before a sexy and gentle, forget him in "the piano" the rebellious personality, forget him in the "classic" in deep Mao, even forget him in the "cream shop" in love and hate and beautiful physical passion play, cover face ~ ~ ~ ~ mustered out as In-Sung Zo became the first ever South Korean Air Force Air Force Chief of staff to get the recognition of the military. In our view, his change is that the eyes more charming, changeable and sentimental, easily fall. Ask this kind of cotton candy kiss, how many people can bear?? Such a look at you can you sit still? Just one shot at the airport a long way, Obama, you go, take me ~ ~ ~ and only he can deduce the suit so beautiful sadness! Before joining the army, Song Joong Ki seem less meat, pure love can not bear to hurt him. After his military service, but also in the sense of fresh meat, "the sun" seed, up from being successful.相关的主题文章: