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UnCategorized An increasing number of states are allowing parents to take charge of their children’s driver’s ed. Opportunities to get driver’s ed online abound, but getting the right program is important, since most of us don’t know the exact and detailed list of what should be taught, or how. It has been years since we sat behind the wheel of a car for the first time, and things that have be.e automatic to us are .pletely new to our kids. Finding the Right Kind of Program Driver’s ed can take place online, but that’s like learning to swim by staring at a .puter screen! A better option is to find a program that includes online technology and .es with CDs and DVDs for audio and video lessons, workbooks and a phone support system and bring it home. That way you and your child can take your time learning all the lessons provided, work together, and still have a backup plan if you have any questions. There are many programs available, but you don’t want just any program. Furthermore, you really want to have a .prehensive program. It isn’t enough to have your teen be able to recognize road signs and find the ignition switch. The conditions on the road are increasingly dangerous, between elevated speed limits, more drivers, and fewer police officers. Get the best and you won’t have to worry if your child has the right skills. Getting involved is a Critical .ponent As a parent, your job doesn’t end when you sit in the passenger seat and watch your child practice. You should help them study, go through workbook exercises, discuss what happens in different situations. No child is born knowing how to make good decisions behind the wheel. In the car it is your job to remain calm and remind them what they learned at home. Help them remember to scan ahead and plan ahead. Sit in the car before you head out and figure out your route, discuss alternate routes just in case there is a collision, and make sure to emphasize how important it is never to use a cell phone while driving. Believe it or not, you still have an impact on your teen’s behavior. For all they like to pretend they are all grown up, your opinion matters very much, so use this time to get in a few more formative moments. Online education is the wave of the present For many adults, getting educated online seems odd. For our kids, though, it is routine. They grew up using .puters constantly; they do just about everything this way. Taking their drivers ed online just makes good sense. Traditional driver’s ed programs have started looking at how kids are learning today, many of them are migrating online as well. So you might as well be ahead of the curve and show your kid just how "cool" you are! About the Author: 相关的主题文章: