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Yinchuan to Xi’an railway project land approved only 3 hours after the completion of the newspaper news (reporter Qiao Jiani) recently, the reporter learned from the Provincial Committee, the Ministry of land and resources has been approved the new Yinchuan to Xi’an Railway (Shaanxi section) control project ahead of 131.42 hectares of land. It is reported that the Yinchuan Xi’an Railway (Shaanxi section) construction project belongs to the national key infrastructure construction projects, the North Baotou Lanzhou railway by the YinChuan Railway Station, the Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region Wuzhong City, Gansu Province, Qingyang City, Shaanxi Province, Xianyang City, to the end of the Xi’an railway hub of XiAn North Railway Station. The whole process is 617 kilometers, with a total investment of 77 billion 129 million yuan, of which the Shaanxi section of the whole 170.12 kilometers, involving 22 billion 429 million yuan investment. After the completion of the project, the journey from Yinchuan to Xi’an will be shortened from 12 hours to 3 hours. It is understood that the project due to tight schedule, I had to apply for the Department of homeland total control of 41 single project including Xianyang River Bridge, the first land 131.42 hectares, in order to ensure the timely completion of the provincial land department has launched a comprehensive unified land acquisition, the temporary land has been completed for. To lay a solid foundation for construction projects.

银川至西安铁路项目用地获批 建成后仅用3小时   本报讯 (记者 乔佳妮)日前,记者从省国土厅获悉,国土资源部已批复新建银川至西安铁路(陕西段)控制性工程先行用地131.42公顷。   据悉,银川至西安铁路(陕西段)建设项目属于国家重点基础设施建设项目,北起包兰铁路银川站,经宁夏回族自治区吴忠市,甘肃省庆阳市,陕西省咸阳市,终到西安铁路枢纽西安北站。全程617公里,总投资771.29亿元,其中陕西段全程170.12公里,涉及投资224.29亿元。项目建成后,从银川至西安车程将由目前的12小时缩短到3小时。据了解,因项目工期紧,我省此前向国土部共计申请了包括咸阳渭河特大桥等在内的41个控制性单体工程先行用地131.42公顷,为保证按期完工,省国土厅已全面启动了统一征地工作,目前对临时用地已完成供地,全力为项目开工建设奠定坚实基础。相关的主题文章: