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Yue Yunpeng readme 12 years of crosstalk Road: the first is to come to work in the countryside – the new network of, micro-blog screenshot. Beijing, August, 30 (Xinhua) today, Yue Yunpeng in micro-blog’s own comic dialogue for 12 years. He said that in 2004, he was still noodles to work, is a countryside to work. By chance, quit his job to learn Deyunshe comic, then worship Guo Degang as a teacher, on television, very lucky to have more love. Before Yue Yunpeng said his apprenticeship, called home, say "I want to learn a technology, do not want to be a waitress, give me two years. This year I will not go to send money home, after two years if I couldn’t go back to farming, the parents’ approval. Let me rest assured that bold to say that I should be a young Chuang chuang." Introduce yourself in the road of the world, Yue Yunpeng describes himself as a very stupid person. "We are brothers are stupid, very stupid, I belong to the latter, I have only two roads, one hell-bent study, two, ahead of the Henan farm, I do not retreat at that time, only hell-bent learning, although the future a little. After various changes, I have the chance, the master gave me the chance on TV, thank you Taiai, I am very lucky to have more love." Yue Yunpeng said that from today, I have a new identity: "I want to be in the National Palace, received three of my own disciple today, they come from the countryside like me, they like me have a comic dream, I don’t know what the future comic way can go far, I don’t know if I can take. Not famous, but I know the work, honest, we will move toward more stage."相关的主题文章: