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Zhang Tielin’s illegitimate child case hearing: Zhang in spite of her son, Ms. Zi berserk out of court Phoenix Entertainment News (written in September 29th, Zhang Tielin and Liu Qing) Zi women compete for custody of his son in Chaoyang District Jiuxianqiao court case. About 8:30 in the morning Ms. Zi appeared in court, come accompanied and Zhang Tielin sishengnv’s mother Ms. hou. Zhang Tielin’s more than and 80 year old mother also came to court to testify. Before the trial, Ms. Zi media interview said that from last year to this year, have not seen Zhang Tielin, she did not know whether he will arrive today, but Ms. Zi asked his son to court. For the son of the status quo, Zi said Ms. child’s current origin, status, identity is not very clear. Asked about the child who raised by now, Zi said Ms. according to her grandma’s children from before the children of the household, my brother fell on Zhang Tielin. Around 12 noon, Ms. Zi’s lawyer Du lawyer first out of court, said Ms. Zi the mood is not stable, because a long time did not see his son. Although raised her son to attend the trial, but the son did not appear in court. Then, about 12:25, Zi lady out of court, looked lonely. She said, "Zhang Tielin’s private life is chaotic, there is no fixed partner, not suitable for living together with their children, bad for children, including his enthronement, false endorsement, a lot of negative information", "the daughter of the son would be careless with, berserk, he is 60 years old, is not suitable for children." At present, the custody of the child without a final judgment, Zi said believe the court will give a fair judgment. This article is the exclusive version of Phoenix Entertainment, unauthorized, prohibited in any form, otherwise it will be investigated for legal responsibility. Zhang Tielin took the news of violence evidence exposure former talk about his son emotional (Figure)   according to Zhang Tielin all star exploration reports, Zhang Tielin is currently with the illegitimate child’s mother Ms. Zi lawsuit. Ms. Zhang Tielin sued for Zi son of alimony 1 million 50 thousand yuan, and Zi lady sued Zhang Tielin, for the return of the custody of his son. In September 21st, Ms. Zi guest live chat show, tells the story of Zhang Tielin and enmity. According to Ms. Zi, August 14, 2009 night, Zhang Tielin suddenly came to Ms. Shaanxi Zi Yulin home, and let 3, 4 young men forced their way into a strange. A door, shouting Zhang Tielin called his son up for me!" And try to let the attendants to search the home of Ms. Zi, according to Ms. Zi pictures show, Zhang Tielin was sitting on the sofa and Zi lady talks confrontation. After mediation, the day Zhang Tielin did not take his son. But ten days later, more shocking thing happened, according to Ms. Zi said, August 25, 2009 afternoon, Ms. Zi and son on the way home in a quiet alley, suddenly from a white van jumped out of five young men, his mouth and nose, the mother of two people and two people together, according to drag the car Ms. Zhang Tielin has identified Zi, the assistant to the car, they will be the mother of two people pull far into the wilderness, broke the mobile phone card to Ms. Zi Zi, Ms. push off, and young children go along with the car, Ms. Zi he was walking.相关的主题文章: