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Zhao Wei had known Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung together: they do not give any way — people.com.cn entertainment channel — people.com.cn original title: Zhao Wei had known Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung together: they do not give any way in September 3rd, according to Hongkong’s "Ming Pao" news reports, Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung secret love for many years, and eventually married in secret. (data) according to Taiwan "Central News Agency" report, Hsu Chi announced before marrying Stephen Fung, shocked the entertainment. Zhao Wei said, has long been aware of Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung together, they do not give any kind of bedding, directly to your results". Zhao Wei, former member of the jury to attend the seventy-third session of the Venice Film Festival, the respondents said friends Ruby Lin and Wallace Huo married, Zhao Wei moved. "Because the heart is a very independent girl, she is not the kind of person who always want to find a boyfriend, not a boyfriend can not do. We all thought she was very independent, so I was very touched by her marriage." At the wedding of Ruby Lin, the former "fair three." Zhao Wei, Ruby Lin, Fan Bingbing rare photo. Asked what is the chance of reunion, Zhao Wei said, "I think her wedding to quite ungallant. Two of us knew about 20 years old." Zhang talked about the topic of "Our Gang" caused the photo, Zhao Wei joked that "fortunately, three people can not remnant". She said that compared with the previous year, we can not say that people become bad, in a way, we still have a very exciting. She said, has been very curious about Ruby Lin’s "mystery" refers to what is, "she gave us a surprise, because I did not know that she was in love with Wallace Huo." Zhao Wei said, we usually do not take the initiative to ask, because people do not marry you always ask to hurt people, you can not always ask whether you have a boyfriend, when to marry or something like that. So I saw her and Hsu Chi (their marriage), I feel a very moving feeling." As for Hsu Chi, Zhao Wei broke the news that she had known that Hsu Chi and Stephen Fung were in the same place. "They belong to the kind of do not give any bedding, directly to the results of you, this is my favorite way, why must have a process? Give you a boost." (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: